About Us

This company was founded for the sole purpose of exploring and defining the true premise of what it means to be a Hero. We all can be our own hero. We want to take this message and use it to inspire people of all ages. superheroes 4 charity will bring an age appropriate, positive message of inspiration, safety and inspiring to dream. You don't need a mask to be a hero but it's doing the positive things for your family, friends, and community.

The mission for superheroes 4 charity is to serve as a pallbearer for children's funerals and sign the casket.

Visit the hospitals for children and share their stories of HOPE.

Do outreach to communities that are experiencing tragedy such as gang shootings, or natural disasters.

Children are fighting various illnesses and we don't see that because they are in hospitals and superheroes 4 charity want to perserve a memory for the entire world to be inspired and touched by.

People need HOPE everywhere and if we can change the way people think about situations, we can inspire them to become a positive influence to others as well. 

If we can shape the lives of our community and work together to make it a better community, it can be a better place for each generation. We need to inspire in a way to help all of us to achieve a better community and help our kids become better in decision making and as parents becoming better positive role models. 

1. Never give up on your dreams no matter how big or how small they may seem.

2. Teach kids to do the right thing. 

3. Being a positive influence to others by helping them. 

To help stop Bullying, Domestic Violence, Abuse, Say NO to drugs etc.

Superheroes4charity is also available for a variety of Functions, School Events, Halloween, Christmas, Hospital visits, Festivals etc... 


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