Super Heroes 4 Hire, LLC

Our Mission

Superheroes 4 Charity brings hope for children living through the challenges associated with childhood diseases. Superheroes 4 Charity allows families and friends of our real superheroes a brief escape to a world where there is always hope.

Charity Events

Help support our mission, to help with visit to the hospitals for children and do outreach to communities that are experiencing tragedy such as gang shootings, or natural disasters. Help support us as we help brave children and our communities.


Providing Superhero 4 Charity relies on gracious donations from community members. Donating to our mission and we hope to impact our communities with the help of your support.
Please consider contributing to our cause!

Join the Team

Whether you are a Superhero, or an everyday hero that can dedicate your time, we always value dedicated people for our mission! Have what it takes to be on The Team? Come Join Our Team and help make a difference in kids lives and in our communities. 



Interview with CBS Denver......Click on link to watch


Our financial goal for 2020 is to help the Superheroes to be able to go all over the state of Colorado and be a voice for bullying, domestic violence and abuse and also be a positive presence in the public where there is violence, school shootings, gang shootings, disasters, etc. 

We need your help to be able to reach our financial goal for 2020.

Our financial page will show our financial support to date and where the money is going each month. 





This company founded for the sole purpose of exploring and defining the true premise of what it means to be a Hero. We all can be our own hero. We want to take this message and use it to inspire people of all ages. Superheroes4charity will bring an age appropriate, positive message of inspiration, safety and inspiring to dream. You don't need a mask to be a hero but it's doing the positive things for your family, friends, and community.

Visit the hospitals for children and share their stories of HOPE. The children in the hospitals fighting Cancer, Leukemia, Organ Transplants. These are the real heroes that we don't see fighting each day. 

Do outreach to communities that are experiencing tragedy such as gang shootings, school shootings or natural disasters.